Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination and confidence. It's the same kind of spirit that's needed from local residents, the business community and our politicians to welcome the 2024 Olympic Summer Games to the waters surrounding New Bedford and the South Coast.

New Bedford and area host communities would begin seeing a positive impact to the economy as early as 2017 because training for the Olympics is a lifelong endeavor that takes many years. And not far behind the athletes are all the trainers, therapists, construction workers and the like. Local commitment should be an Olympic sport, embellished with gold, as in money. Projecting for a moment, imagine the pomp and circumstance of the last day of the Summer Olympics!

Why limit ourselves by not getting behind these games? Let's be greater than the days of whaling and textile manufacturing. Let's be greater than yesterday! The ultimate champion would be the South Coast.

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