I went to my first bachelorette party back in May; a group of twenty-something year old girls in Boston for an improv comedy show featuring men dressed as women. For an hour and a half, the brides-to-be participated in games consisting of bananas and hot dogs. I have to say, that experience somewhat prepared me for this production.

The Zeiterion has had many great shows, but none like “Girls Night: The Musical.” I was so happy to hear women of all ages laughing uncontrollably at each and every joke. Three generations of women in my family could be found in the audience and we all cracked up the entire time.

Women (and a few men) of all ages were jumping out of their seats to sing along and dance to the music. Never have I felt such high energy radiating from the stage. Audience participation was intoxicating. The cast broke that fourth wall between the stage and the crowd so that they fed off each other’s energies. The playlist was pretty spot on for a “Girls Night Out” theme. Anthems like “I Will Survive,” “Lady Marmalade,” “It’s Raining Men,” “Man I Feel Like a Woman,” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun" all hit this one out of the park.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the amazing talent these five ladies possess. It was amazing to hear them sing, act and dance the way they did. They were all incredibly kind as well. (Of course I asked for autographs and a picture post show)

I really hope the Zeiterion considers bringing this one back very soon. I know a lot of ladies who will regret missing “Girls Night” out.

From the Zeiterion: "Hilarious and touching, Girls Night: The Musical follows five friends in their 30s and 40s during a wild and outrageous night out at a karaoke bar. Friends since their teens, they have all had their fair share of heartache and tragedy, joy and success. Among the characters are Carol the party girl, blunt Anita who tells it like it is, Liza with her marital issues, boring Kate the designated driver, and Sharon, the not-so-angelic angel who just couldn’t resist tagging along. Together, they reminisce about their younger days, celebrate their current lives and look to the future."

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