the zeiterion

IPMA Announces 2018 Winners
IPMA, which is also becoming known as the “Portuguese Grammys,” recognizes outstanding achievement in the music industry by international artists of Portuguese descent.
Welcome To The Hotel New Bedford - Such A Lovely Place
There's plenty of room at the pending Hotel New Bedford. Can you imagine Don Henley singing that? According to plans released by a Boston investment firm they have the green light to spend $10M of their money to refurbish the old home of WBSM into a 68 room, five story hotel...
'Girls Night The Musical' at The Zeiterion!
I went to my first bachelorette party back in May; a group of twenty-something year old girls in Boston for an improv comedy show featuring men dressed as women. For an hour and a half, the brides-to-be participated in games consisting of bananas and hot dogs...
The Zeiterion Presents: Cirque Ziva!
I've watched this video three times already, and each time I'm genuinely amazed by the talent featured in the clip. There's something hypnotic about Cirque Ziva's fluid movements. These acrobats are peaceful, but exciting all at once.
Flamenco Vivo at the Z!
I'm honestly not sure why some of these emojis are on our phones, but I get genuinely excited when I find an excuse to use a unique one. Well please don't judge me, but I just realized that I finally have a reason to use that flamenco dancer emoji, and it made my WHOLE day...