Representative Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman) visited the WBSM studio Thursday for a chat with host Barry Richard. The representative from the Seventh Plymouth District recently announced that he is running against incumbent Democrat Elizabeth Warren for the U.S. Senate in 2018.

Diehl criticized Warren for not having communication at all with President Donald Trump, and for spending time out of Massachusetts fundraising for herself and fellow Democrats, building connections with an eye toward making a future presidential run.

"She has over $11 million, I believe, in her war chest since she's gotten into office," Rep. Diehl said. "She's been building that war chest up, yet she has yet to deliver for Massachusetts in any substantial way with anything she's filed to help Massachusetts."

Diehl criticized the fact that Warren has written two books while in office.

"She's made $1.6 million for herself personally, but she hasn't delivered for us," he said. "It's time to get someone down in Washington that's going to work for the people of Massachusetts, not just for a far left political idealogy, and for herself, which is just building her profile to run for president using Massachusetts as a stepping stone."

Diehl said one of the biggest failures for Warren when it comes to Massachusetts was her inability to take a stance on the fishing monuments designated by President Obama, that have had a direct impact on the fishing industry in New Bedford.

"I think that was a total mistake, the fact that she's not weighing in now, on somethign that certainly can help influence changing that policy," he said. "I know that President Trump now has a commission looking at getting rid of some of these monument statuses, but she should be weighing in on this immediately, saying, 'yes, take this one off the table.'"

Another major issue is the possible redistribution of the 42 fishing licenses held by "Codfather" Carlos Raphael, after he pleaded guilty to catching and selling illegally-caught fish, and sneaking the profits to Portugal.

"(Warren) has yet to weigh in on any of those proceedings, while other states are looking to have those reapportioned," Diehl said. "There's a Maine fishing organization trying to convince Washington to take those 42 fishing licenses and redistribute them outside of Massachusetts."

"We need them in our state, we need them in New Bedford, to make sure we maintain those fishing licenses. Because it's not about any one person like 'The Codfather,' it's about the 242 fishermen and their families that depend on those licenses to keep their income coming in."

Diehl also weighed in on a number of other topics, including how to handle tensions with North Korea, how his relationship with President Trump and Governor Charlie Baker can be beneficial for Massachusetts and the SouthCoast, and addressing accusations that he is a racist and a xenophobe.

Matt Costa/Townsquare Media
Matt Costa/Townsquare Media

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