The National Weather Service issued statements today indicating we can expect frigid temperatures and fierce winds for the remainder of the work week. 

Starting Wednesday night, bitterly cold chills are expected to keep us shivering throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Northern Connecticut at least until 11 a.m. Thursday morning.

The wind chill readings may reach as low as 23 degrees below zero and could result in frostbite and hypothermia if steps aren't taken to counteract the cold. We urge you to make sure you're bundled up if you must be outside, making sure you wear a hat and gloves and dress in layers. When it's this frigid out, frostbite can occur in just 30 minutes!

Additionally, fierce winds are expected Friday along the South Coast from late Thursday and into Friday. A high wind watch is in effect for this same time period. Gusts up to 65 mph may blow through the area, particularly on the cape and islands. Winds should diminish be early Friday evening.

Take extra care if you are out during this week, as these winds may down trees and power lines and cause other property damage.