After 28 years of selfless service to Freetown, Sergeant Swede Magnett retired on Monday and received a heartfelt send-off from his fellow officers, in his own town and beyond.

Sgt. Magnett’s impact on the community was clear thanks to an emotional post from the Freetown Police Association on Wednesday. The association was quick to not only list his accolades but to illustrate the type of man he was when he was in uniform.

Sgt. Magnett began his career in 1993 as an auxiliary officer, later attending the MPTCF Municipal Police Officer Course to become a full-time police officer.

It didn’t take long before he was promoted to sergeant, spending his night on midnight patrol for several years before switching to evening and day patrols.

“Sgt. Magnett put himself through school to attain a master’s degree in criminal justice and also served as the Freetown Police Department’s motor vehicle collision reconstructionist,” wrote the Freetown Police Association.

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That may be enough accolades for some, but not for Sgt. Magnett. He spent 10 years as the president of the Freetown Police Association, constantly coming up with ways to give back to the town with events like toy drives, senior citizen dinners, and fundraisers.

“Sgt. Magnett became a role model for junior officers and always represented the Police Department’s core values: Integrity, Respect, and Fairness,” the association wrote.

His career was almost cut short after being struck by a vehicle in January of 2018. After surgery and physical therapy, he was still unfit for patrol duty and was moved to involuntary retirement.

Still, that didn’t stop him from being a valuable asset to the association.

“We all hoped that one day Sgt. Magnett would be referred to as ‘Chief Magnett’ and his leadership would continue to drive us forward into the future uncertainty within law enforcement,” wrote the department.

The post on the Freetown Police Department’s page was inundated with heartfelt goodbyes.

The Dighton Police Department shared its praise for Sgt. Magnett, commenting “From across the bridge, we all wish you the best in retirement.”

The Dartmouth Police Department shared the post, writing, “Please join the members of the DPDE as we congratulate Freetown Police Department Sergeant Swede Magnett on his retirement.”

This officer’s impact on the community shines brightly on his final week as an officer, and from the sounds of it, his retirement was well-earned.

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