A former Police Chief in the City of New Bedford has passed away. According to the New Bedford Police department's Facebook page, retired Police Chief Richard Benoit died Tuesday. He was 74.

Benoit was appointed chief in June,1986 by then-Mayor John Bullard. Bullard tells WBSM News, Benoit was real professional. "He was always very calm, very professional and I think always enjoyed the respect of the department. He certainly had the respect of myself and members of my team."

Benoit retired in 1997. He spent time as a training officer and served 32 years with the Police department. Benoit was also an attorney, and Bullard says Benoit was always a strong believer in professional development.. "He always believed that you could learn more, and continually improve what you brought to the job. He led by example."

John Bullard says Richard Benoit always made sure the New Bedford Police department was staffed with the very best people.

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