Great news for our fellow foodies: if you've been missing Carmine's, we have received word that the popular restaurant will be reopening at the same location inside the former Candleworks building in downtown New Bedford.

The restaurant caused a stir yesterday when they posted a job fair on its Facebook page, indicating that the restaurant was reopening.

The biggest question remains to be whether or not the restaurant will return to its original menu with the Italian roots, or serve more Portuguese food. Many of the Facebook community was hoping to see more Italian dishes. Michela Booker joked, "New Bedford really doesn’t need another restaurant with Mozambique on the menu."

We do know four things about the new Carmine's.

1. There will be a brick oven. It was not easy to do because of the historical status of the Candleworks building, but the owners were able to push it through. You will see brick oven pizza on the menu at Carmine's.

2. There will be a Sunday brunch. The Sunday brunches were wildly popular before Carmine's closed in June. They will be back.

Carmines Facebook
Carmines Facebook

3. Your old Carmine's gift certificates WILL be honored. Carmine's had allowed you to turn in the gift cards to the Black Whale, but now you will once again be able to use them at Carmine's.

4. There will be a new menu. We still aren't sure if it will be Italian or Portuguese, but we do know that a new menu will be a part of the new Carmine's. Watch the Facebook page for sneak peeks.

5. Anyone wanting to work at Carmine's should attend their job fair. It will be happening on Saturday, October 19. People interested in filling positions both in front and in back of the house should show up in person between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., and 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.

There's no word about when the owners are hoping to re-open their doors.

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