Last week was filled with firsts for me. I had never been to 50's Night in downtown New Bedford, or used a typewriter, or been to the Westport Fair. Thanks to a few of my lovely listeners and coworkers, I managed to do all these things.

I've claimed to be the ultimate country music fan, but it's been brought to my attention that I don't know jack about country until I've experienced the "Redneck Heaven" that is the Westport Fair. I loved everything about it! From the tractor pulling, to the carnival games, and the old fashioned root beer. The camouflage pants and cowboy boots certainly dressed up the event. The livestock was pretty impressive too! I'm talking cows, lambs, goats and bunnies. Just look at that face!

Photo by Greg Dudek


I have to say, my favorite part of the day was the pig racing. I admitted on air that I want to get a pet pig when I have a house of my own someday. This just makes me want to buy one now.