A mako shark has been recorded as the first and only catch of day one of the North Atlantic Shark Tournament being held out of New Bedford.

The nearly 7', 282-pound shark was brought onto City Pier Three and shown off to those who had come to see the catch of the day.

Onlookers on Pier Three were able to walk up and touch the shark before on-scene scientists harvested organs for research.

Tournament official Matt Phillips tells WBSM News he's heard some of the negative feedback, and reminds folks that because of minimum shark size requirements, this is a low-kill tournament.

The meat from sharks that have been caught will be donated to local food programs that serve the needy.

Twenty boats are registered in the tournament, and the public is invited to gather on Pier Three from 3-6pm Saturday to see what they haul in.

Proceeds from the tournament will benefit fishermen's right to fish.