Pretty soon you won't have to drive down to the Cape to catch a ferry to Nantucket.

Seastreak President James Barker confirmed on Tuesday that ferry service between Nantucket and New Bedford would return in the Spring of 2016.

“Seastreak is delighted to announce the inauguration of the New Bedford-Nantucket ferry connection," said Barker  "It is an indication of our continuing growth in the level of service we provide and a renewal of the historical relationship that exists between the island of Nantucket and the Whaling City."

Seastreak Operations Manager John Silvia said the ferry service will be a benefit to both communities.

“The schedule will allow residents of Nantucket and visitors alike to travel round trip in one day and conduct business either on the mainland or on island," said Silvia.

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell welcomed the deal saying the ferry service will be a huge boost to the city's prestige and economy.

"This is something we've been fighting for," said Mayor Mitchell "having service to Nantucket will raise the stature of the port, it will bring jobs to the city, and it will bring tourists into the city that will spend money hopefully in our shops and restaurants."

Ian Abreu, the Manager of Workforce and Business Development for the New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce, says the return of ferry service will be a huge boost for the local economy.

"Seastreak would be able to now hire additional marine and administrative staff from the New Bedford area," said Abreu, "and obviously, in addition, the Nantucket ferry service from New Bedford would help in economic development in New Bedford by bringing in tourism dollars to local restaurants, shops, and museums."

Abreu also says that the ferry service creates the potential for light freight shipments of items such as produce and seafood from New Bedford to Nantucket.

In addition Abreu says the ferry service could increase trade between the two communities.

"Local businesses will be able to supply Nantucket with light freight shipments, as we currently already do to Martha's Vineyard through the Seastreak, with fresh seafood, flowers, produce, and other items," said Abreu.

Seastreak says the new route will begin operating on May 27 with two weekday trips Monday through Thursday and three weekend trips Friday through Sunday.

Ferry service will run through September 6, 2016.

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