Michelle De Barros Almeida shared a very positive post on a private Facebook group for Dartmouth residents. "Just saw this post from this out-of-town visitor and wanted to share." The original post came from Katelyn Goncalves‎ on Wednesday, Feb. 7.

"No faith in the next generation? read below:
I’m at 5 guys Dartmouth and there were a bunch of high school boys here and when they were finished they left a mess and as they were leaving one of the boys looked back at the table and saw it and went to clean up after his buddies without saying anything....I’m not this boy’s mother but I’d be damn proud of my kid for doing what was right when no one was looking. He made me smile and I wanted to hug him, so if your boy was here today ask him about it and let him know how proud you are."

Jeanne Loranger commented on the post and I couldn't agree with her more. "Integrity' doing the right thing when there's no one to see. Great job young man."

Sometimes, it's just nice to be reminded that there are good people in this world and that they will always do what is right.

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