FedEx is planning to begin construction a $48 million distribution facility in Seekonk within the next few months.

Town Planner John J. Aubin, III told WBSM News that the the shipping giant will be receiving roughly $1 million in tax incentives over a five year period.

"They're putting in a mile and a half water line extension that's going to benefit the businesses along Route 6," said Aubin "and also they're putting in some upgrades to our Opicom Traffic Light Signal System."

The Opticom Traffic Light Signal System allows first responders to change traffic light signals so they can respond to an emergency more quickly.

Once completed Aubin says the roughly 250,000 square foot facility will have a mix of full time, part time, and contract workers.

"Working directly at the facility there are 26 full time positions, and I believe about 150 part time positions, and then, in addition to that, you've obviously got the drivers and my understanding of the business model FedEx operates under the drivers are actually contractors" said Aubin.

The facility will be located at the intersection of Route 6 and Hollister Rd.

Aubin says some additional permitting still needs to be completed, but he expects work to be underway by fall.

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