I asked our son Alex if he had any favorite memories with his first pet?

“Oh yeah, I remember it was this goldfish, and you kept telling me to keep my fingers out of the water bowl," he said. "One day, it had turned upside down and floated to the top. I asked you why it was like that, and you told me that the reason he’s resting on top of the water was he loved having his tummy rubbed.”

The Paleologos posse has had a menagerie of some of the most precious cats and dogs imaginable.

Then there was a beautiful cockatiel, those stinky, cricket eating reptiles and lizards, and of course, the occasional bird the cat would bring to the door, in a proud moment, with its head decapitated.

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The great thing about growing older is you get to see life played back, as with our six-year-old great-grandson Owen, a few days ago.

Years from now, Owen will no doubt recall the passion and unconditional love he felt for his first pet, Mailo the kitty, who became a part of his life last week. She’s a 10-week old adorable, olive-green eyed spirit, full of curiosity and prying.

Content in just sitting back and observing, as still as a mouse, I thought Owen waited for a long time to get his new best friend. Equally, it’s as if the long-waited-for Mailo was just as lucky to have found a little boy’s welcoming arms to jump up into, and play kissy-face with each other.

I've realized no words can describe the true meaning of your first pet.

What are your fondest memories of your first furry friend?

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