Rhode Island may be the nation's smallest state but as we have come to find its contributions to history have made a big impact.

Let's, for example, give some credit to Ambrose Burnside, who was a Civil War Union general, Rhode Island governor and an influential U.S. Senator. Take a look at his photo below and you'll notice his glorious muttonchops. Yes, it's said that Burnside gave us the term "sideburns," still in use today.

We all know Drew Barrymore, but what could she possibly have to do with Rhode Island?

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After all, she was born in California, clear across the country. Well, Ethel Barrymore Colt, buried in Rhode Island, had a pretty successful stage career in New York and just so happens to be Drew's grandaunt.

Many of us have seen the famous black-and-white image of the Kissing Sailor from Times Square on V-J Day, 1945. Over the years, many men claimed to be that sailor, whose face was obscured in the photo, but a book proved the honor goes to Rhode Islander George Mendonsa.

See? Little state, big history.

In case you are like me and want to brush up on some local history, here is more on some interesting people who made their final resting places in Rhode Island.

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