It’s been almost a week since the Misty Blue sunk off the coast of Nantucket, and there have still be no signs of the survival of 44-year-old Michael Roberts of Fairhaven, or 32-year-old Jonathan Saraiva of New Bedford.

The Saraiva family has issued the following statement through a spokesman for the family:

The Saraiva family are deeply grieving the disappearance and loss of their son Jonathan in the sinking of the Misty Blue. The enormous amount of support they have received through offers of prayer and kind words has not gone unnoticed and is very much appreciated. They would also like to extend their prayers and deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Michael Roberts. This has been an extremely difficult time for them and they are just not ready to speak publicly. Due to the weather, recovery dives to the Misty Blue have been postponed multiple times, and this has been emotionally crushing. The hope to recover and bring their son and brother home is their biggest desire now.

Jonathan was born January 17, 1985, in Kailua, HI, while his father Phillip Saraiva, a Marine, was stationed there. He also lived in Cornwall, England UK, New Bedford, MA, Acushnet, MA, New London, NH, and Boca Raton, FL. Upon graduation from New Bedford High School, Jon tried out a few different career paths before finding his passion lied in working outdoors. He retained employment at golf courses in New Hampshire, at a mariner in Florida, and most recently, as a fisherman working out of New Jersey, New Bedford and Fairhaven.

Jon’s mother, Susan Saraiva, once asked him if he really liked fishing and his reply was typical of his nature. He stated that he really did, describing the peacefulness and beauty of the ocean and the wildlife. He specifically spoke of how much he enjoyed watching all of the dolphins that would follow the ship. His family believes, if given the opportunity, Jon would have continued to go to sea. One of his Facebook quotes was "Clammin Oh Yeah!!!!" After spending time in New Jersey, Jon jumped at the chance to return home to work in Fairhaven when his former boss, Capt. Eric Arabian, offered him the position of first mate.

Jon never married or had children of his own. His family, which include his parents, Phillip and Susan Saraiva, his brother Brandon, sister Michele, their families, and their children, were a joy to him and a source of strength. Jon also had a great love for his pets, especially his dog Jada. In earlier years, Jon doted on the family dog named Penny. The family cat, Chloe, lived a long life thanks to the fact that he rescued her from coyotes that had been stalking her.

Jonathan was a very private person. He listened a lot more than he spoke and was a deep thinker.  These are qualities his family has always respected and admired about him.  The mutual love between he and his family was, and still is, unconditional and undeniable.  He recently posted on Facebook, “Family means everything to me.” His loss has left a huge whole in their hearts, but those who truly knew and loved him will forever cherish his memory.

The Saraiva family would like to express their deep gratitude to CDR Marcus G. Gherardi, USCG, Woods Hole, for his personal updates and kindness extended to their family in this most difficult time. They would also like to thank the fishing vessel, Enterprise, and all of the other men and women who assisted in the search, rescue and hopeful recovery of all of the crewmembers of the Misty Blue.

Courtesy Saraiva Family
Courtesy Saraiva Family

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