You want to know how we have had political horror shows like Jim McGovern, Elizabeth Warren, Barney Frank, Martha Coakley, and John Kerry in our history as leaders? Just look at the collective wisdom of the wiz-bangs of Fall Rivah’, who put up 2,775 crazy votes today for Mayor Jasiel Correia. I can't hold the two parents' votes against them. I actually feel terrible for them.

Look at their local brainstorms: Sam (Musical Chairs) Sutter, Will (Sicilian wannabe, have'ta'be) Flanigan and Jasiel ( Doogie Howser) Correia. Not to mention the sleazy landlord who is alleged by city cops to rat out police operations to his drug-dealing tenants, Councilor Stephen Camara.

It was sadly predicted here because the Fall River voter is that apathetic when it comes to embracing scummy politicians. On-air, I said Coogan wins big, Correia edges out Scott-Pacheco and the circus tent remains over City Hall until next year, or until a judge reinforces Home Rule Article 3, Section 3-8.

Correia thinks it’s all fun and games and pretends to see a path to victory. I see a clear path but it’s in the sentencing guidelines which will be used against him if he is found guilty of even just a few of the 24 counts against him in federal court.

It seems he doesn't know it yet, but Correia should enjoy his last win at anything because I think if you look at Sal DiMasi, who was nailed for a comparatively paltry $50,000 and received eight years, Correia will be doing 17-22 years in federal prison for which there is no early release.

Coogan will send him off with a good beat-down, too. I predict a 58-63 point crush in November.

The only reason Jazzy C got the support of as many voters in Fall River as he did is that the Joker lives in Gotham City and never announced any interest but, if he did, you'd see lots of his signs, too.

Fall River actually does seem to have some good people in office: Riley, Coogan, Viveiros to name a few, but a broken clock is right twice a day and has twice the voting GPA as a Fall River voter.

In a democracy, you get the government you deserve. Sleep well in The Rivah; you’ve shamed your city and embarrassed the state for another long holiday season.

Vegas odds (hint hint) has it more indictments, arrests and arraignments are coming yet again for Jazzy C.

Also whispers from badges that a certain local state rep was brought in for questioning by the feds.

C-block what?!

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