A Fall River student is under arrest after being caught with a knife at the Edmond P. Talbot Middle School.

Earlier today, the School Resource Officer assigned to the school was informed by the school administration of a video brought to their attention that showed two Talbot students, one armed with a knife and the other armed with what appeared to be a firearm. According to police, the video was “part of a group chat with the participants in different physical locations.”

A shelter in place order was given by the school principal and school administrators and police immediately began to investigate. Police said that while the building was closed, students were still allowed to move between classes and that “disruption to learning time was kept to a minimum.”

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A knife was found in the backpack of one of the students seen in the video, but after a sweep of the school using a police dog trained to detect firearms, no further weapons were found, police said. The student’s parents, however, did cooperate with police and a BB gun that matched the firearm shown in the video was ultimately found in the home.

Police said the student denied making any threats against a particular person. The student was placed under arrest and will be arraigned in juvenile court on charges of carrying a dangerous weapon on school grounds as well as making threats. The student’s name is being withheld.

Earlier this week, Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School was put on lockdown on two separate occasions, including on Wednesday when live bullets were found in a school restroom.

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