Some in Fall River seem anxious to toss Mayor Jasiel Correia to the curb in a recall election. Correia is facing some very serious federal charges, but none of them are related to his job as mayor, and as a matter of fact, life in "The Riv" has gotten better under Correia.

One has to wonder, what's the rush? The next mayoral race is less than a year away. By the time a primary and a special recall election can be scheduled, you're probably talking about February at the earliest. That is assuming Correia does not file suit challenging the recall. A new mayor, should one be elected, would have mere months to serve before yet another election.

Boston Globe via Getty Images

All of these elections cost money. Money that Fall River could use to fund schools, public safety and an assortment of things, including road repairs.

I understand that Fall River voters are frustrated with the image that allegations of political corruption create for their city, but to throw the city into utter chaos rather than just let Correia serve out his remaining months in office seems counterproductive.


I realize that Correia stepped on some mighty powerful toes along the way, but let the court of law and not the court of public opinion decide his fate. Why would Fall River voters want to waste an exorbitant amount of money to intentionally wreak havoc on their city? Let the process play itself out.

If next year the voters decide that Jasiel Correia is no longer their flavor of the day, they can replace him then.

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