Fall River continues to be the Bay State's new darling when it comes to television and movie production.

Coming off the successful filming of Jungleland on the SouthCoast and the Quibi (now Roku) production of Run This Town, a look at the alleged corruption in the Fall River mayor's office during the Jasiel Correia administration, Fall River has once again been thrust into the spotlight.

A new docuseries will be released on EPIX this spring that will focus on a streak of brutal Fall River murders back in 1979, in an era known for the "Satanic Panic." Three young women were killed in what was believed to be a part of a disturbing, satanic cult ritual. According to a press release from EPIX, the cult leader, a man named Carl Drew, was practicing human sacrifice. Drew was captured and sent to prison for life without parole.

Twenty years after Fall River first heard about this startling satanic story, Paul Carey, the lead police investigator, began to question his own work. Retracing his steps, he finds new witnesses and leads that bring clarity to the murders thought to have been solved.

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The trailer has been released for the Fall River series. It is as spooky as you might expect from a true, local, satanic story. Some of the quotes in the trailer?

"They could have just killed her, but they tortured her."

"There's was always talk of satanic cult activity out there. I wish the people really knew what really happened."

Blumhouse is an Emmy Award-winning studio known for producing high-quality films and television series on a small budget.

The series will be released on May 16.

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