FALL RIVER — On Friday, July 27, 2018, at approximately 8:30 a.m., Detectives from the Fall River Police Department Vice and Intelligence units executed a search warrant at 539 Fourth Street in Fall River. The targets of this search warrant were Montana Rose Fernandes, age 20, and Jesus Velez-Ibarra, age 22, both of apartment 2R.

Upon entering the building and approaching the target door, which was equipped with a security camera, detectives knocked and announced their presence and purpose. A female voice was heard asking "who is it?" Detectives knocked again and announced, "Police." The door remained unanswered. Detectives breached the door and located Fernandes placing an item into a dog food bin. Both Fernandes, who dropped a small clear baggie from her shorts while being detained, and Velez-Ibarra were secured and a searched commenced.

Located inside the dog food bin was a clear plastic bag of a brown powdery substance suspected to be heroin. Three bags of suspected heroin were located behind a picture frame. A large bundle of cash was located behind a matching picture frame. A second bundle of cash was located under a mattress. A scale, a box of clear plastic baggies and black elastics for bundling were also confiscated. The security camera and monitor were also confiscated. Approximately 369 grams of suspected heroin was seized.

Fernandes and Velez-Ibarra were taken into custody of a charge of trafficking in 200 grams or more of heroin.

--Fall River Police Department

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