FALL RIVER — Police are issuing an alert to members of our community who live in the vicinity Elsbree and Langley Streets. It has been reported that a suspicious tan colored van has been seen in the area with two Hispanic males. The males look to be in their mid to late 30s and approximately 5'8" tall, thin build. These males are using a ruse to attempt to distract residents while another male enters the home to steal items.

One male during an incident walked in the backyard of a residence and was confronted. The male had a heavy Hispanic accent and began explaining he worked for a tree removal company. This male was communicating with the other male in the truck via a two-way radio. This male then lead the victims to the farthest point away from their home allowing the second male to enter the home and steal thousands of dollars of goods. The victims realized that the male's story was not making sense and returned to the home to discover a large amount of items missing. The males had already left the scene before they discovered the larceny.

Fall River Police is asking if you see suspicious activity similar to this please report it immediately. If you ever had a question about door to door solicitors or feel behavior is suspicious please do not hesitate to contact us at 508-676-8511.

Fall River Police Department

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