WESTPORT — Westport Police announced the arrest of a 39-year-old man after law enforcement officers talked him out of an apparent suicide attempt.

On May 8, 2020, Officer Jeremy Dellecese was on patrol in the vicinity of Old County Road when he observed a Nissan Frontier pickup operating in this area. Officer Dellecese had previously observed this vehicle operating in this area during the early morning hours and had witnessed the registered owner was not driving this vehicle.

Additional checks into the registered owner of the vehicle revealed two police reports by the Fall River Police Department. Those incidents identified the operator of the vehicle to be the owner’s son, Jamie Melo, 39, of 127 Winthrop Street in Fall River. Officer Dellecese also found Melo had an active warrant for his arrest from when he fled from the Fall River Police on February 28, 2020.

At approximately 2 a.m., Officer Dellecese observed the white Nissan Frontier driving eastbound on Old County Road. He attempted to conduct a motor vehicle stop; however, the vehicle quickly turned around in the driveway of a home located in the area and accelerated west on Old County Road. The vehicle then entered Route 88 northbound at a high rate of speed when Officer Dellecese notified other officers.

Sergeant Bryan McCarthy took a post at the intersection at Route 88 and Briggs Road where he deployed “Stop Sticks” as the vehicle passed through the intersection. As a result, both front tires were deflated but the vehicle continued onto Route 195 west. The Massachusetts State Police and Fall River Police assisted as the vehicle continued into Fall River eventually coming to rest in the driveway of the operator’s residence at 127 Winthrop Street in Fall River.

Officer Dellecese approached the operator and observed him sit up after reaching beneath the seat with a black knife in his right hand. At that point, Officer Dellecese immediately deployed his department-issued electronic control weapon. Although the deployment was successful, Melo was able to maintain control of the knife and placed it to his own neck while still seated in the vehicle.

At this time, Fall River Police Sergeant Brett Kimball and Officer Paul Furtado stated they had a rapport with Melo and began negotiating with him to put the knife down. After approximately 15 minutes, the Fall River Police were able to successfully convince Melo to drop the knife and he was taken into custody.

Melo was transported to Saint Anne’s Hospital for evaluation, released and subsequently transported to Bristol County House of Correction.

— Westport Police

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