FALL RIVER — A 32-year-old Fall River man is accused of stealing iPads and credit cards from an elderly couple after they refused to give him a ride to New Bedford.

Sunday, January 14 at approximately 8:20 a.m., Fall River Police were called to a Fifth Street address on a report of larceny. Upon arrival, they spoke to the complainants, a 74-year-old female and her 79-year-old husband. They stated a male known to them as Shaun Cabral, age 32, had taken their iPads and left the residence. The couple stated that Cabral had entered their apartment claiming his girlfriend had been involved in an accident, and he needed a ride to New Bedford. They told Cabral they had an appointment at 9:00 a.m., and couldn’t bring him at that time.

Cabral reportedly then changed his excuse, stating he needed a ride to New Bedford to get money. The couple reported this went on for about 20 minutes, with Cabral never leaving the dining room until he left the apartment. When the victims returned to the dining room, they discovered the iPads were no longer on the table.

A description was obtained and a search of the area was performed, and Cabral was located South Main Street, near Middle Street. The iPads, as well as credit cards belonging to the couple, were found in his possession.

Cabral, with a last known address of 237 Tuttle Street in Fall River, was placed under arrest and charged with two counts of larceny from a person aged 65 or older.

The property was returned to the couple.

--Fall River Police

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