Two brothers from Fall River have made a name for themselves in the fashion world and look forward to bringing their artistic minds to the SouthCoast.

Jeremy “Jae” Lavoie and Jonathan Lavoie moved to New York City with a dream, and after finding quick success, they plan to return to Fall River to help students find motivation and direction.

Let's take a look at their journey and how they brought into such an ultra-competitive industry.

How It Started

“Fashion has always been with me,” said Jeremy Lavoie. “My mother always made sure I was looking sharp.” But it was more than just looking sharp for Lavoie; fashion was a way to make a statement and to show the world his true colors. When his brother Jonathan moved to New York City to pursue graffiti art with a few companies, Jae had a decision to make.

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“Am I staying in Fall River and playing basketball here or am I going to get out of town and see what’s out there?” Jeremy said. He chose the latter, and after seeing the colorful and eclectic fashion of the Big Apple, it was the inspiration he needed to begin designing on a larger scale.

He attended Manhattan College for social work and worked as a behavioral specialist at Haven Academy Charter School, and while his heart belonged to the children he worked with, his soul was dedicated to his flourishing brand.

With Jonathan’s art skills and Jae’s eye for fashion, they began piecing items together.

“We started designing with patches and putting spray paint letters on shirts. Then we made a vest, and we like ‘oh my god, this is it,’” he said.

Finding Success

The brothers are only seven months into their brand, called JL Creative Studio, and they have already caught the attention of big celebrities and professional athletes.

Through marketing on Instagram and asking his followers to tag certain celebrities, they were able to catch the eye of celebrities like Juelz Santana and Dave East. From there, the brothers have gone on to design for big name athletes and continue to make a name for themselves in the fashion industry with their growing following. Jae even found himself rubbing elbows with A-listers outside of Monday night’s Met Gala as he passed out business cards and immersed himself in the energy of fashion’s biggest night out.

Planning Their Return to Fall River

Now that his fashion line is taking off, he’s got a bigger mission on his mind. He is planning a return to Fall River in hopes of getting involved with Fall River schools.

“I’ll be doing motivational programs and teaching the children about respect, expectations, and determination,” said Lavoie. “In Fall River, we don’t get to see a lot of people make it out and follow a dream. I want to bring this idea to the kids and show them that they can do it.” He’ll be working closely with Talbot Middle School, and he hopes to extend his reach to as many children as possible to show them that dreams are attainable with hard work and dedication.

Keep an eye out on the JLCS Instagram this week for more details about a special pop-up shop that will be coming to Fall River this weekend.

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