FALL RIVER — Fall River police said a teen has been taken into custody after he allegedly tried to break into a car to retrieve a handgun he left there at school.

Police said officers responded to a report of a boy breaking into a motor vehicle at around 4:21 p.m. Wednesday.

The suspect fled on foot but was caught after a short chase.

The vehicle belongs to a student at Fall River's B.M.C. Durfee High School.

According to police, she had let another student keep a bag in her trunk during the school day.

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He had allegedly tried to break into the car to get the handgun, which was later found in the bag, police said.

The handgun has been seized and is being processed by evidence technicians.

Police said there is no evidence that the firearm was brought inside of the school.

The boy has been arrested and charged with possessing a large capacity firearm and large capacity feeding device without a license, attempt to commit a crime, and assault.

Detectives are investigating the incident.

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