In case you thought you've seen it all in Fall River, how about an inflatable T-Rex dinosaur snow plowing the sidewalks? Yeah, I didn't think so.

As the blizzard of 2022 is slowly but surely melting away, a lot of shoveling, plowing, and snow blowing had to take place. As soon as the snow stopped, the streets were filled with people moving around the snow so they could get to their cars – even people in dinosaur suits.

A local production studio out of Dartmouth called Capion decided to take to the streets of Fall River with a drone, a camera, a snow blower – and of course "Rexy" the sexy dinosaur.

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Kevin Luiz, CEO/Drone Operator/Editor of Capion, manned the sticks for the drone, while Christine Correia rocked the T-Rex outfit she picked up one year for Halloween.

"It's such an animated costume, you can do a lot of fun stuff with it," Luiz said. "We had her go out there and just have fun with it, all while clearing and paving a pathway in the snow.

Courtesy of Capion Studio of Dartmouth, MA.
Courtesy of Capion Studio of Dartmouth, MA

Setting the Vibe for a Tropical Snow Day

"The music was an integral part," Luiz said. "It had to be lighthearted, with reggaeton vibe, all captured on a drone with some slow-mo and built-in sound effects."

Describe the Perfect Snow Day Here on the SouthCoast

"It's right after that moment when everything is still on the treetops and all the trees are bending over from the weight," Luiz said. "It's super quiet and you can hear a pin drop, because all the noise is dampened. Yeah, that would be the most perfect and ideal snow day."

Courtesy of Capion Studio of Dartmouth, MA.
Courtesy of Capion Studio of Dartmouth, MA.

Will the SouthCoast Ever See "Rexy" Again?

"You never know," Luiz said. "You might be seeing her around the springtime mowing the lawns of Fall River. Stay tuned."

SouthCoast Enjoys the First Snow Day of 2022

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