FALL RIVER — A new committee in Fall River will look after veterans affairs after the city administration announced its creation — along with a $100,000 distribution to local veterans organizations.

Director of Veterans' Services Micaila Britto and Mayor Paul Coogan announced the establishment of the Fall River Veterans Advisory Committee on Thursday.

The goal of the committee is to promote understanding and cooperation between veterans' organizations, veterans, their family members, and the city, according to a release.

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The committee will consist of 10 appointed members from a variety of veterans groups and several permanent members.

Permanent committee members will consist of the city administrator, Director of Veterans' Services, Executive Director of Battleship Cove, and one member of the city council Veterans Liaison.

Committee members are tasked with relating any issues or concerns to the city's Office of Veterans' Services for discussion and/or action.

They will also be asked to help plan any veterans' related events or ceremonies.

City officials also announced an allocation of $100,000 in funding to 18 different city veterans' organizations, with 16 groups receiving $5,000 grants and two receiving $10,000.

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