FRAMINGHAM (WBSM) — The Massachusetts State Police announced details behind a multi-state investigation that resulted in the safe recovery of a one-year-old child from Fall River.

On the morning of June 20, Genezza Packett was visiting her one-year-old son, who lives in her aunt's custody.

According to state police, Packett told her aunt she would take her son to a local Dunkin' and return to the apartment. After several hours, Fall River Police received a report that the pair never returned, and the child could be in danger.

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Fall River detectives relayed the information to the Commonwealth Watch Center, a Massachusetts State Police intelligence sharing function within the Fusion Center, and requested an Amber Alert activation.

Although Packett made no threats against her child, detectives said that they still feared for his safety due to the mother not being his legal custodian.

The investigation also revealed five active felony warrants against Packett for various non-violent crimes.

After midnight on Friday, June 21, the Watch Center used location technology to locate Packett's cell phone on Route 81 in Virginia.

Members of Packett's family shared information with law enforcement that she may have been traveling to family in Mississippi.

The Watch Center contacted the Virginia State Police to relay the recovered information, including Packett's vehicle information and the fact that she was traveling with a suspended Massachusetts license.

The bulletin issued by the Fall River Police Department was distributed through the Homeland Security Information Network Exchange to every state partner from Massachusetts to Mississippi.

Fall River Police detectives also collaborated with the Alabama Fusion Center by sharing cell phone data that confirmed the suspect and child were traveling through Alabama on Interstate 59.

With further assistance from the state highway patrol, the vehicle was quickly located, with the suspect and the child who was safe.

Officials said that "the success of this mission to secure a one-year-old child in danger illustrates the importance of sharing actionable intelligence across local and state law enforcement."

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