Pee-wee Herman had nothing on Fairhaven Police Thursday morning as they tried to intercept a pickup truck before it accidentally dumped someone's bicycle at a scrapyard.

There was some concern Thursday morning in Fairhaven Village about a potential serial bike thief driving around, stealing bikes out of neighbor's yards.  Neighbors in the center of town described a truck that was going around and collecting bikes that were laying around outside.

One woman described the driver as having a grey beard, saying that the bed of the truck was loaded with stolen bikes.

Some good news.

After conducting an investigation Thursday morning, Fairhaven Police don't believe the driver intended to steal the bike.

"This looks like it was a genuine mistake," Fairhaven Police spokesperson Lt. Kevin Kobza said. "I don't think he did it on purpose because the surveillance video we've got of his truck ... it looks like Sanford and Son in the back.  He's definitely collecting scrap metal. It's full of scrap metal railing and the bike is sitting on top."

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Thursday is trash day in the center of Fairhaven, and there was a good amount of trash laying on the curb of Laurel Street. Police believe the bike got thrown in with the rest of it.

Fairhaven Police spoke to the driver's brother who told police that the driver is a "scrapper" and definitely didn't steal the bike on purpose.

Kobza said he believes that since the truck was as full as it was, the driver was most likely on his way to one of the area's scrapyards. Police were trying to intercept him before the bike was dumped so that it could be reunited with its owner.

"There's no malicious intent. Nothing nefarious," Kobza said.

Kobza promised to update us if and when the bike is returned to its rightful owner.  Let's hope it doesn't end up in the basement of The Alamo.

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