As people start to leave their homes after this very long winter, some have noticed a new addition to Fort Taber Park and the State Pier in New Bedford; shiny white bicycles.

The Zagster bike-share program currently operates in 35 states and its goal is to make shareable bicycles available to anyone who wants to ride one. Just recently, the Zagster program was brought into New Bedford and currently has two Zagster Bike Stations in the city- one on the State Pier and one outside of the community center at Fort Taber.

If you have a smartphone, it's pretty easy to use these bikes. You simply download the app, use the app to unlock one of the bikes, go for a ride and finally lock the bike back up at the Zagster bike stations. Trips under 1 hour are free and an additional $1 is charged for every 30 additional bike riding minutes.


This is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to ride a bike along the waterfront without the hassle of owning a bike, getting a bike rack onto the car, etc.  This bike has 7 gears to allow you to ride anywhere and lights on the front and rear to keep you safe. Plus they have these great little baskets for you to put your things and a bell.  As the saying goes "You Can't Be Sad While Riding a Bicycle" so if you are feeling down and out, get on your bike and ride.

These bikes are intended for adult use. To learn more about the New Bedford Zagster program, click here.


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