Three videos produced last year by students in the Media Production Program at Fairhaven High School have been nominated for student Emmy awards.

The nominated students are Fairhaven High graduate Bethany Fernandes, and seniors Erick Sa and Amelia Ostiguy.

The National Student Production Awards will be announced on October 4th in Washington.

Teacher Drew Furtado says his students have captured regional awards before, but getting nationally recognized is really exciting. He says there were 112 students in his media production classes last year, and many showed remarkable progress.

"I've seen when they couldn't set up a tripod, or couldn't record sound properly or their composition was off, and they keep trying and keeping working. I think thats what these awards are really all about, the ability to do great things when you put your mind to it," said Furtado.

Furtado is an experienced news videographer who worked for TV stations in Providence and Boston. He tells WBSM News, he's proud his students have outperformed him. "I've never had my work played on a national scale, and its outstanding that they're getting that recognition."

The videos up for consideration for national awards include a music video pointing out the differences of two sisters, a video highlighting "excellence" at Fairhaven High School, and a video essay on the making of an elaborate Christmas lighting display at a home in Acushnet.

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