Scarlett Rainho just turned nine, but she is already trying to make a big impact in the community. She came up with an idea to help the homeless and less fortunate by creating the "Better Person Club," also known as the BPC.

She began by asking family members to become members of her club and pay 50 cents per month. She would then take those “fees” to buy things for those in need come Christmastime.

“She’s a little angel, that one,” says her grandmother, Susana Pacheco. She was “over the moon happy when she found $12 in her box a couple weeks ago.”

Knowing that Scarlett’s plans would require a bit more than $12, Susana sent out an email blast to her coworkers requesting that they join her granddaughter’s club and consider donating what they could, so Scarlett could accomplish her goal.

“We received an overwhelming response. I think we’re at almost $500 now, with donations still coming in,” Susana said.

She took Scarlett out shopping over the weekend to create various care packages.

Scarlett with donations

With the money they raised, they were able to make 15 care baskets filled with blankets, scarves, gloves, socks, hats, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and energy bars for breakfast. They will donate those to Sister Rose House in New Bedford.

“Her compassion for the homeless, it brings her to tears to see these people begging," Susana said.

Scarlett's Homeless shelter donations

They also made 20 smaller care packages filled with blankets, toys, and food for the animals at Lighthouse Animal Shelter in New Bedford.

Scarlett's blankets for animal shelter_

Last but not least, Scarlett wanted to bring some cheer to the elderly at the nursing home where she used to go visit Susana's late father. She didn't want them to be sad and quiet, so she purchased 16 ornaments of a “happy Santa” and a box of Christmas cards, which she will be bringing to CareOne Nursing Home in New Bedford this weekend.

Scarlett's Santas for the nursing home

When Susana told Scarlett how much money they raised, she was overwhelmed thinking about all the good that would come from it.

“I’m going to be able to make so many people happy this Christmas!” Scarlett told her grandmother.

Scarlett's BPC shopping

She is adamant that the Better Person Club will become a huge organization in the future and she will help many many people.

Scarlett, we really hope this kicks things off for you, because we love this idea.