Monday's election in Fairhaven saw residents voting on members of various boards, and one of the boards all together.

While incumbent Robert Hobson and Dan Freitas were elected to the Board of Public Works, that still didn't guarantee their positions.

The ballot question, which was voted down, would have given the BPW's authority over public infrastructure issues to the board of selectmen and the town administrator.

Hobson, who wasn't surprised at his own victory, was happy to see support for the BPW, saying, "I guess the people have spoken, because they want to keep the Board of Public Works where if somebody calls up and makes some kind of complaint they can go before a five member board and get some results."

Voters also re-elected incumbents Donna McKenna and Colin Veitch to the School Committee, while Paul Days won a seat on the Housing Authority.

Newcomer Lindsay Gordon won convincingly over Dr. Barbara Acksen for the Board of Health after falling short by 41 votes in the election three years ago.

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