With the institution of marriage already under siege, researchers are suggesting that today's social media is an added attack to spouses and their romantic relationships with each other.

In a study conducted by Boston University, it was apparent that the more one partner used social media, the more likely that union was headed to divorce. Why? Well that's part of what's raising troubling questions about the social media and its affects on marriage.

According to B.U. Professor of Emerging Media Studies, James E. Katz, the more a partner uses Facebook and other social media, the more marital unhappiness arises because of flirtations, new friendships and a greater enthusiasm for social media relationships, that leads to less personal intimacy and bonding in the marriage.

In other words, the more time you spend on Facebook, the less time you have to spend with your partner. And then there's the thorny question of old flames and whether or not it's in your best interest to friend your "old friend."

Conversations on Facebook with old lovers can easily erupt into a ball of fire and jealousy and fuel a fight. Over time, the relationship suffers and the Big D enters the picture.