When your best defense against defense is it's immoral, it's too expensive and it's unnecessary, your argument is sunk. Even an imbecile like Cher knows that, and that is why she has now called on Chuck and Nancy to give in on the wall. Cher's advice to the no-wall crowd: "don't die on this hill."

Cher's advice to the Democrats is actually, well, good advice. Trump is going to win on this one and he is going to win big, so why not live to fight another day and get what you can as a compromise?

Trump's address to the nation on Tuesday was spot on. He addressed the drug crisis, the public safety crisis, the humanitarian crisis, the economic crisis, the health crisis, and more while extending an open invitation to those who wish to come here legally.

Chuck and Nancy could only accuse Trump of trying to manufacture a crisis. That's a tough sell to an American public that knows better.

Thanks to the internet, the public can see with its own eyes how those who are opposing Trump on this issue supported his position not that long ago. By the way, I think the idea of a wide open border is a bit more troubling to most of us than a partial government shutdown.

Chuck and Nancy, build the damn wall.

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