Blacks, especially high-profile blacks, had better think twice about saying something nice about President Trump, or they might get ripped apart in the press and by others of their race who find Trump intolerable. Just ask golfer Tiger Woods, who has been dumped upon by the ABC-owned ESPN.

Everyone from Kanye West to Candace Owen to Pastor Darrell Scott to NFL great Jim Brown--and now Woods--have come under attack because of their support of Trump. Whether Woods is actually even black has been called into question by ESPN.

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Kanye West - Getty Images for MTV

Woods learned his lesson the hard way. This past weekend, he responded to a loaded question from the press about his friendship with Trump in a way that some found to be unacceptable:

“He’s the President of the United States, and you have to respect the office. And no matter who’s in the office, you may like, dislike personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office," Tiger said.

The team at ESPN's First Take exploded with angry reaction to Wood's answer with Max Kellerman (white guy) calling Woods "stupid," and Stephen A. Smith (black guy) suggesting that Woods is not even really black!

Let's quickly review the numbers again for those too slow to be following along.

Under Trump:
*Lowest unemployment rate for blacks ever
*Lowest youth unemployment rate in 52 years (includes black youth)
*400 percent increase in black-owned businesses over last year
*Legislation to reform the criminal justice system
*Fighting gangs that have resulted in scores of black deaths

Whats the beef? Why aren't black Americans pouring out of their doors in support of Trump? Could it be they fear the reaction of those who might question their loyalty to some higher cause?

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Tiger Woods - Getty Images

Tiger Woods and the rest are courageous to speak the truth knowing they risk ostracization within their own community and beyond. We have witnessed hate against those who exercise their right to support the president, and it is an equal opportunity offender.

Every American has a right to his or her opinion, regardless of the popularity of that view, and that right should be rigorously defended by the rest of us.

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