PROVIDENCE, RI - Massachusetts State Police have added escapee James Morales to their Most Wanted list.

Morales escaped from the Wyatt Detention Facility in Rhode Island Saturday night, with authorities working under the assumption he fled to Attleboro and stole a car which was later recovered in Framingham.

Rhode Island U.S. Marshal Jamie Hainsworth says Morales, a former Army Reservist, is considered dangerous. "Perceive him as very dangerous. I've said that. And our focus will be to find him because of that," said Hainsworth.

Officials are pleading for Morales to turn himself in as the manhunt continues. Hainsworth indicates Morales may seek medical treatment, as he suffered significant injuries as he made his way through razor wire during his escape. "We are asking hospitals, walk-in centers, and other medical professionals to be aware and to contact law enforcement."

Morales is a 35-year-old black male, about six feet tall with a receding hairline and a tattoo of an eagle on his neck. Morales was being held on charges that he broke into a Worcester armory and stole sixteen firearms.