Donuts are the answer to everything.

Having a bad day? Eat a donut.

Celebrating an event? Get a box of donuts.

Donuts will forever be my favorite baked good, but there are certain levels to the donut spectrum.

Some donut shops will give the options like brioche or old-fashioned, while others stick to one type and hone in on their delicious craft. Either way, people will always remain loyal to their favorite donut shop and will defend it tooth and nail.

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When Fun 107 asked for your take on the SouthCoast's best donuts, there was no surprise that Grandma’s in New Bedford came out on top. Originally known as Ma’s, the donut haven was open for more than 60 years. It closed in 2016 and reopened this year with a new name, but with the same amazing recipes.

“I can’t believe there’s any other answer than Grandma’s,” said one Facebook user.

But, the truth is, there were several other answers, and every stop proves worthy of a visit for a deliciously sweet treat.

I’ve had my share of Grandma’s, but my vote goes to the Donut Factory in Fairhaven.

You can count on Grandma's for original flavor, but if I’m going to have a donut, I want it to be over-the-top. The Donut Factory offers gourmet donuts, with no artificial flavors or preservatives, and serves you a donut that could pass for a dessert.

I don’t like to say no to my sweet tooth. Life is too short. So, I decided to compile the ultimate Donut Guide to make sure my fellow donut lovers are never lost in finding the perfect one (or dozen).

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