The liberals in the media are now dismissing Massachusetts Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren as a candidate for president. With friends like these...

The great thing about being a political "expert" is the title is often self-designated and impossible to take away. Political predictions by the "experts" are forgotten when they are wrong, and constantly repeated when correct, by the person who made the prediction.

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about because I'm an expert, too.

I didn't vote to re-elect Sen. Warren, and I can't see myself voting for her for president. I'm a Republican and I generally support the policies of President Trump.

However, I do believe Sen. Warren has done some good work in the Senate and she has shown she can work across the aisle with the GOP. She has partnered with Colorado Senator Cory Gardner on straightening out the rights of states to regulate marijuana laws. She has worked with Iowa's Chuck Grassley on deregulating hearing aids to bring down the cost to consumers. And she has worked with the GOP to get a handle on the slot machine racket of the Defense Department and to help gambling addicts in our armed forces.

The claim of Native American heritage by Sen. Warren proved to be correct, but the way her team rolled it out was a disaster. But you need to have some mistakes to figure out who has the correct judgment when you are putting together a team to run for the Oval Office.

Sen. Warren got elected as a Democrat in Massachusetts with President Barack Obama at the top of the ticket. She then had six years to build up the power of her name identification in a super blue state. She easily defeated her Republican opponent, a vocal supporter of President Trump, this fall.

The mistakes and the missteps are actually good for Sen. Warren at this point in her campaign for the White House. She is going to face serious opposition in the Democratic primaries and caucuses. She needs the early mistakes to figure out a winning plan for 2020.

The experts counted out Trump and Obama early on in the cycle. They told us all about Hillary and Jeb Bush. Don't count out Senator Elizabeth Warren. And you can trust me because I'm an expert. In fact, I predicted Trump would win–and that is the only prediction I remember making.

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