And by "it," I mean the full Mueller report and all the supporting evidence and related documents. You should be relieved that we all can't see it, too.

It seems like an eternity, but it was only a few years ago that then-FBI Director James Comey held a bizarre pre-election press conference about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. I watched that press conference live and as the FBI director spoke, it became more and more obvious that he was announcing the indictment of the former Secretary of State.

Except he didn't.

He listed all of the things the FBI had found wrong in their investigation but then explained there would be no prosecution. What he did that day was a terrible disservice to Mrs. Clinton and the American people.

It is wrong for the government to publicly assassinate people who it investigated but never charged with wrongdoing. President Obama should have fired Comey for that unprecedented violation of Justice Department protocol just before the 2016 election.

The information in the Mueller report on Russian interference in the 2016 election will have lots of facts that shouldn't be publicly disclosed in light of the fact that that office is seeking no more indictments and is closing up shop.

Because this investigation started out as a national security investigation, there will be sources and methods used by our intelligence agencies to spy. The Russian government would love to have a glimpse at American sources and methods so they can plug those leaks. The Putin thugs use poison and bullets to plug leaks.

Our system respects innocence and prohibits the release of federal grand jury testimony in most situations. There are also of federal and state investigations going on that sprung from the Mueller team's work and that can't be disclosed at this time, either.

While the general public will not have access to the Mueller report in its full form, there might be information that should be shared with Congress and that remains to be litigated.

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