It's taken me a long time to realize that eating with my hands heightens my sensory experience. At the Paleologos Hacienda Bar & Grille, I'm known as the midnight snacker. I can tell you honestly, eating with my hands make the food taste better.

I remember reading that mothers in India like to feed their babies by hand, because they believe there's something biochemical with the natural oils from the fingers that imparts a powerful alchemy that strengthens their baby's immune system. I remember, as a 6-or-7year-old child, an old Greek man who spoke not a word of English telling me that the hand is our God-given fork. He was right, because look around the world and you'll see there are a myriad of cultures where eating by hand is the norm.

Don't you taste with your fingers? When there's a homemade frosting freshly whipped up in a bowl, don't you stick your finger in it and taste it? Some foods are made for the hands: pizza, tacos, sushi, grilled asparagus, cheese and ribs. What about corn on the cob? No, with corn on the cob I take a knife and cut the kernels off and pile them on my plate with a dollop of butter and a dash of salt and pepper.

In a day and age where hand sanitizer dispensaries are on every wall, desk and countertop, we're told eating with your hands is not a very smart thing. Of course, I'm very mindful about washing my hands often throughout the day, but they still say it's gross, or germy, impolite, uncouth and it demonstrates a lack of impulse control.

Okay, I'll give them just that last one.

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