A member of the Rhode Island General Assembly has organized a boycott of a Mexican restaurant in Westerly because it's the owner is advocating for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Enough already!

The Westerly Sun reports that employees at Amigos Taqueria Y Tequila voluntarily wore t-shirts on midterm election day that read "86 45." Owner Wendy Carr tells the paper "86" in restaurant lingo simply means an item is no longer available. And "45," of course, stands for Trump, the 45th President.


But Republican State Senator Elaine Morgan of Hopkinton sees it differently. Morgan tells the Sun, “For food, it means to get rid of. For a person, it means murder…to 86 somebody means murder."

This woman needs a vacation. Carr says she was not suggesting that Trump be killed, only removed from office. And she has stopped selling the shirts.

Carr is a very active Democrat activist. She sold the tee's at her restaurant to raise money to help national candidates who share her views. Big deal. Clever marketing is a wonderful thing.

People need to calm the heck down before we all wind up in the loony bin.

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