It's finally hit my house!  Yep, this winter's awful cold.  Around my house we are pretty good at avoiding getting sick, but this year for some reason it has hit us. 

I have co-workers who have been dealing with the cold and they say it lasts three weeks or more!  I look at the map for the flu and most of the country is dealing with it!  Right now the best thing you can do to avoid it is wash your hands constantly and keep them away from your face!

I haven't been sick yet but I know my time is coming, now that others are sick in the house.  I just look at things like the remote control that is being touched, the refrigerator handle, the cabinets, microwave I could go on and on.  I hear that the virus can live for a while on these devices, that is why it is really important to keep washing those hands and keep them away from your face.

I must look silly when I have an itch on my face and use my sleeve to scratch it, but I'm keeping my filthy hands away from my face.  I know I sound paranoid, I just don't want to go through what I see others dealing with, not fun. If you are sick, I hope you get well soon!  Now I'm off to drink some more vitamin C!