Hundreds of millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled the world. All that’s left is the footsteps that some dinosaurs have left behind, and there are dinosaur prints waiting to be discovered just two hours from the SouthCoast.

With school vacation closing in, this may be the perfect family-friendly adventure.

At Dinosaur Footprints of Pioneer Valley in Holyoke, there are ancient footprints and other fossils amongst the 8-acres of land. Not only does the area feature over 800 fossils, but it is also home to the first dinosaur print ever scientifically described.

The Trustees is an organization that works to protect special places, provide loving care to the Commonwealth’s reservations, build creative and engaging programs, and share their expertise across the state. They house exhibitions and displays throughout Massachusetts, but their dinosaur expedition offers something only history and mother nature can provide.

According to The Trustees, paleontologists believe “the prints were left by some of the earliest known dinosaurs, from small plant-eaters to large meat-eaters up to 20 feet long.”

This region is notorious for being a goldmine for prehistoric footprints, and that’s why the Massachusetts state fossil is, in fact, dinosaur tracks.

Plan Your Visit

Explorers will have a chance to get a glimpse of fossils from four distinct dinosaurs and other ancient beings.

“Look for the 20-plus trackways, which formed the basis for the novel theory that dinosaurs traveled in packs or groups,” said The Trustees.

Admission and Hours

April 1 to November 30, daily, sunrise to sunset.

Level of Difficulty

Allow for a minimum of 30 minutes to complete the walking trail. The Trustees advise downloading the following map to better prepare yourself for the adventure ahead.

The Trustees Official Website
The Trustees Official Website

Regulations and Advisories

Respect the ancient and fragile fossils at all times. Castings of the prints are not allowed.

Dogs must be leashed at all times

History is all around us. This is a chance to walk alongside it.

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