Talk of terrorism is all over social media, radio, TV and newspapers. ISIS claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks in Belgium. My question is, could there be ties with global terrorism and the coordinated 'bomb threat' calls schools across the Commonwealth and America are getting?

Most of the callers echo the thought that a disgruntled student not looking forward to the MCAS exams is the culprit, but I'm thinking differently. The very definition of the "ism" of terrorism is to disrupt lives, intimidate or coerce a civilian population. It is to cause fear and angst in everyday people. Believe me, there was plenty of that going around on social media and also with parents of students at Dartmouth High School on Tuesday morning.

But something else bothers me about these automated "bomb threat" robocalls. Police are the first to tell you they are so difficult to trace. Are everyday punks that sophisticated? I think not. Police also say the calls aren't from around here, but from Europe!

I think it very possible that some element of terrorism may have a hand in upsetting the apple cart of America's schools.

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