Did convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez watch his former Patriots teammates beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl from his jail cell on Sunday?

While Tom Brady was leading the Patriots to an historic victory in the Super Bowl, Aaron Hernandez was likely watching it on TV along with millions of other football fans. Unlike most of the viewers he was locked in a maximum security prison cell. He will likely watch all of the remaining Super Bowls in a jail cell because he was convicted of murder in 2015. Additionally, he is going on trial for soon for two additional murders in Boston.

I spoke with Christopher Fallon, Director of Communications for the Department of Communications today and he explained that inmates like Hernandez could watch the game in their cell if they had purchased a television from the prison store. Fallon didn't reveal any details specific to the former Patriot citing privacy regulations.

I think it is a safe assumption that Hernandez has a television in his cell. I doubt it is like the enormous flat screen TV he grew accustom to as a millionaire super star in the NFL before he became a convicted murderer, but it beats nothing. According to Fallon, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not provide cable television, so Hernandez could only pick up the game on his TV with an antenna. He watched the game with the same quality picture America watched the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970's and probably on a smaller screen.

Great food and beverages are almost as important to the people watching the Super Bowl as the game itself. Unfortunately for Hernandez the Department of Corrections isn't a great host for a Super Bowl party. Fallon explained to me the meals are planned far in advance by dieticians and they pay no attention to the Super Bowl when selecting the menu.


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