**EDITOR'S NOTE: This opinion piece was written and published prior to today's arrest of a suspect in connection with the bombs.

It's not in question: President Trump's election has caused the Washington establishment, mainstream media and liberal voters much anxiety and anger. Unprecedented negative news coverage has dominated this often un-presidential president.

The shocking loss of Hillary Clinton was only the start. The liberal media was only too happy to promote Donald J. Trump during the Republican primary. Little did they know that after they helped him dispose of some GOP heavy hitters such as Governors Jeb Bush and John Kasich, Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, they'd inadvertently provided enough coverage for the undecided to consider and then favor him.

Once the inevitable happened and Trump was the decided victor, all the left could do was pick up the pieces. They did not look to 2020, but instead have admitted that they are seeking each and every path to impeach President Trump as soon as possible.

I also think the less partisan "Deep State" Washingtonians exist in bureaucracies, the private sector (including the media), within the judiciary and elected. Many happen to be Republicans, but Republicans who survive and thrive no matter the party controlling the White House--that is, until "Trump Tower" moved in to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. To them, the situation is intolerable. This guy doesn't play by their rules. For them, he has got to go as well.

But the Democrats don't exactly have the best poker faces, like the more clever "Deep State" types. They aren't interested in re-configuring plans, or how to gain favor with the current POTUS. They don't care about the math while counting the House of Representatives or Senate. They are in the minority. They are quite angry as a result.

Russian Collusion? #FakeNews.

(I may have to come back to apologize for this if Mueller shocks me with proof implicating the president but consider me all in. Donald Trump is not a Russian agent. It's a preposterous accusation.)

Well, let's look at that. Have the most powerful and wisest Democrats become so angry enough to create an elaborate framing of Donald Trump's Administration for collusion with Vladimer Putin's Russia? Time will tell, but the closer I look at the facts, the more I feel charges will be filed and people will be indicted, but from the Obama Administration.

Sure, Paul Manafort is in jail, but not over Russian collusion. He's in jail for the eastern European smash-and-grab practice and for tax evasion, not for orchestrating Russian assistance in "stealing" the 2016 election. What he is being punished for took place long before Trump had ever met Manafort.

Stormy Daniels? #FakeNews.

I'm convinced that Donald J. Trump canoodled with this trashy prostitute actress, but this took place in 2006, before George W. Bush had even left office. Harvard law professor and renowned legal scholar Alan Dershowitz stated that no campaign finance charges would stick on Trump for the $130k in hush money that his attorney Michael Cohen gave her in 2016. Bad ethics? Yup. Lousy husband? Sure. Impeachable crime? Nope.

The Brett Kavanaugh rape allegations by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Julie Swetnick? #FakeNews.

Let me start with Dr. Ford. Admittedly, Ford was convincing in her testimony, but as her impossible-to-definitively-defend testimony was dissected, vetted and impeached, the Democrats abandoned ship there and were down to pointing out things like Judge Kavanaugh throwing ice at a dude in a bar in 1984, in a last-ditch bid to turn down the SCOTUS nominee.

Instead of covering the most damning revelations of Ford's testimony that was debunked, the liberal media decided to distract the liberal base with a clumsy New York Times story alleging Trump tax fraud.

Guess what? #FakeNews.

His lawyers disposed of that faster than Michael Moore eating a Happy Meal. I wonder if the liberal citizens even questioned why Ford was disposed of by the media and not mentioned again by the Democrats. She was swept under the rug.

As for Julie Swetnick and her absurd stories and changing of stories, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has referred Ms. Swetnick and her creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenetti to the Justice Department for possible criminal charges regarding possible false statements to Congress. Even NBC News, the network that elevated the credibility for the claim, is trying to distance themselves from this dubious duo.

The Trump Administration seems to plow through each barrage launched by the Democrats and their media, not failing to forge a new economy, a triumphant victory over ISIS, a conservative Supreme Court, record unemployment, a new relationship with North Korea which at least has nuclear weapons tests halted and the return of American soldier's remains from the Korean War, or a reformed NAFTA treaty with real policies that will ultimately force China to behave more honestly as a trade partner, and some other subjectively positive things as well.

The latest odd story in a long list of odd stories since Donald Trump took office: bombs mailed to Trump detractors.

Not #FakeNews, but a fake narrative has already taken root.

I watched CNN yesterday and could only gasp at the conversations taking place there. Brooke Baldwin brought on Professor Douglas Brinkley to discuss how outrageous it was that President Trump didn't take responsibility for the mailings of the 10 horribly manufactured bombs sent to prominent Democrats. No, I'm not kidding.

While Trump has been nasty to CNN and other networks who are unquestionably hostile toward him, he has not called for any violence. It is almost amusing that CNN can't seem to understand that millions of Americans understand their role in Trump's indignant behavior toward them.

Incredible new levels of violence against Republicans following calls for violence against them by prominent Democrats and then followed by a predictable defense of them by liberal news media outlets such as CNN, has not shamed the liberal media for suddenly correlating harsh words with attempted violence in these bombs.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) was savagely attacked from behind by a liberal lunatic and New Bedford native who is also his next door neighbor in Kentucky. His ribs were broken in the assault and he has had two bouts of pneumonia since as a result.

Congressman Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana) was shot by a raging Democrat attacker while practicing for a congressional charity baseball game just outside of D.C.

People just wearing Trump's red "Make America Great Again" logo have been assaulted across the country. Conservative speakers invited to college campuses have been chased away, silenced with violence or threats of violence.

Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder is encouraging liberals to kick Republicans in the head. Hillary Clinton is promising perpetual hostilities until the Democrats control the federal government.

Bombs, or things arguably put together to be considered bombs, have been mailed to George Soros, Robert DeNiro, and elected Democrats now out of office. The only common denominators are that they are all Trump detractors--and that none of the 10 bombs detonated, and many of them were deemed not capable of detonation.

New York Police Department Holds News Briefing On Recent Package Bombs Sent To Robert Deniro And CNN
Getty Images

Nobody knows who has done this, but the Democrats and liberal media sure act like they do. They are guaranteeing this is a male Trump supporter, possibly following orders from someone with authority. Sigh.

There are other things to attract attention, but not really worthy of it to the level the liberal media wants you to think: Khashoggii, Trump University, Trump golfing, etc.

Weapons of mass distraction. Otherwise, Americans might look around and see a lot of things improving around them.

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