Monday, November 29, marked the beginning of deer shotgun season for the SouthCoast, and the Wareham Department of Natural Resources provided some helpful tips to keep hunters and bystanders safe this season.

In the state of Massachusetts, Open Season carries out in four periods. Every year, the first Monday after Thanksgiving through December 11, deer may be hunted by means of a shotgun.

Mass Wildlife has done an impressive job of maintaining 2,200 acres of property that is open to hunting, with a large portion of those acres resting on the SouthCoast. The Massachusetts Fishing and Hunting mentioned how “the land acquisition team focuses on properties which provide or improve public access for fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, and other nature-based recreation,” allowing families to enjoy the great outdoors and for hunters to hunt in safely marked areas.

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The pandemic created an influx of people getting outside, exploring the outdoors, and picking up hunting as a hobby. Whether you are new to the sport or a long-time veteran, here are some things to keep in mind for the 2021 season, according to WDNR.


  • Always take the time to refresh yourselves by reviewing the Massachusetts hunting regulations and firearms safety.
  • Be sure you have all of your required licenses and all documentation with you on your hunt.
  • Ensure all of your permits are current and up to date, we do find expired information.
  • You must have a minimum of 500 square inches of blaze orange on your chest, back and head while hunting during the gun season.
  • For your safety and ours, when a DNR Officer is approaching, we ask that you please make your weapon SAFE!

Outdoor enthusiasts

  • If you utilize woodland areas that are shared with hunting practices It is advised that you also wear some bright clothing while out in the woods. This is strictly just for your safety because accidents CAN happen!!! If a hunter sees a deer but cannot see you beyond the deer, then you could be accidentally hit by the projectiles.
  • If you are in a shared area with pets; bright-colored collars, harnesses, and vests are also available for dogs as well as horses and should be utilized. Be sure dogs are leashed at all times in the Town of Wareham, we have a leash law. If your dog is found chasing wildlife and loose, you could receive a fine.

Happy hunting.

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