Walter DaSilva has been ordered held without bail in the murder trial of his daughter in New Bedford. The Bristol County District Attorney's Office alleges that DaSilva shot 19-year-old Sabrina DaSilva multiple times in the parking lot of Verdean Gardens on Bedford Street on July 3.

DaSilva was deported after he tried to kill Sabrina's mother in 2002, and it's alleged he re-entered the country illegally, and had been living under several different aliases. District Attorney Thomas Quinn says that matter is better left to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. "It is disturbing, or disappointing, that he had been deported and had come back into the country illegally," said Quinn. "But he's here. He's alleged to have committed this serious act. And that's what we're focusing on."

Family friend Glecia Ribeiro says she couldn't believe DaSilva's demeanor when he entered New Bedford District Court this morning. "He got in the courtroom laughing. He's a monster," said Ribeiro. She says she does not believe that DaSilva is insane or mentally disturbed, and believes he methodically planned the murder to coincide with Independence Day celebrations. "Because he want[ed] to [have] the shots confused with the 4th of July. I believe that he knew what he knew what he was doing."

Ribeiro says the two had an estranged relationship, but had recently reconnected. She believes DaSilva killed his daughter because he was angry she was dating a much older man.

DaSilva faces murder and firearm charges, and is due back in court on October 5.

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